In a previous post I explained that anyone who is free to marry (over the age of 18 and not too closely related to each other) may do so in Australia.  If you choose a civil celebrant you can hold your ceremony anywhere, on any day of the week, at any time of the day.

You might wonder how to go about organising this if you are overseas until just before the big day.  Thank goodness for the Internet!  With email there is virtually nothing you cannot do using technology.  As soon as you have paid a deposit to secure your booking in your celebrant’s diary, she or he can send you a link to download your Notice of Intended Marriage.  After you complete this and have it witnessed by an approved person (authorised people are listed on page 4 of the Notice) you can then scan and email it to your celebrant.  The Notice is deemed to be lodged on the date that s/he receives it this way.  You should send the original document, together with copies of all relevant documents (i.e. birth certificates or passports, and death or divorce papers if appropriate) by Registered Post to the celebrant as soon as possible.

From this point on you can work together on drafts of your ceremony until you are happy with the final product.  There are a few formalities that are best taken care of a few days before the ceremony, but these can also be dealt with on the actual day as long as it is before the ceremony starts.  You must show all original documents to your celebrant and sign a declaration stating that there is no impediment to your marriage to each other.  Once this is out of the way, the ceremony can begin.

In about 20 minutes you can be husband and wife with wonderful memories of a very special event – your wedding day in Australia.

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