Okay, you’ve set the date and are making your list of “Things-to-Do” in preparation for your wedding.  Now, let’s get organized.

Dress – check

Shoes – check

Bridesmaids – check

Bridesmaids’ dresses – check

Groom’s suit – check

Groomsmen – check

Groomsmen’s suits – check

Flowers – check

Cars – check

Reception venue – check

Hairdresser – check

Make-up artist – check

Honeymoon – check

Presents for each other – check

Hmm – is there something missing?  Oh that’s right, who is going to actually marry us?

It’s quite strange really how couples who choose a civil ceremony don’t realise it’s necessary to research celebrants, interview at least a few and then hopefully lock in their preferred person for their date.  They don’t seem seem to realise that really good celebrants are often booked up to a year or 18 months in advance.  Who doesn’t want the best for their special day?

The ceremony is where you and your beloved make life-long promises to love, honour, support, encourage, help, laugh with, cry with and strive together to build your relationship into something that will stand strong against whatever life throws at you. The rest is just a party.

So please think about who you want to help you write the exact ceremony that reflects everything you mean to each other.  Don’t risk leaving it too late to find your perfect celebrant.


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