I always answer enquiries about my services as soon as I possibly can and if I’m available on the date a prospective couple have asked about I advise that I will keep this open for them for a certain period of time.  I ask if they want to arrange an obligation-free meeting to discuss their ceremony so they can make a final decision about whether I am the right celebrant for them.

If I don’t hear back within the specified time I send a courtesy follow-up email or make a phone call to see whether they are still making up their minds or if they have already booked someone else.

However, I am often dismayed by the lack of courtesy shown by prospective clients because I rarely hear back from couples who have made a booking with another celebrant.

As a professional I know that I won’t win the booking every time and I have no problem with people going elsewhere.  But surely it is only polite to let me know, rather than leave me hanging.

So Brides and Grooms, please – just send a quick email or even a text message to let me know if you don’t want to go any further with me so I can open your date up for other enquiries.

Good manners cost nothing and I like to be treated the same way that I treat others – with respect.

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