Many couples book the most romantic option they can think of – a full wedding package in Fiji, Thailand, Bali, Tahiti, etc.  If this is your dream, good on you!  But please check whether your marriage will be recognised in Australia and if so, what steps you need to take.

Some places require you to reside in the country for a period of time; other authorities may have you jumping through hoops to provide the right documentation both before and after the ceremony.  Sometimes it’s too difficult for many couples to comply with the local laws and in this case you will need to arrange a legal marriage ceremony in Australia.

You can either do this before or after your big celebration overseas but do make sure that your dream exotic ceremony will definitely not be recognised by Australian authorities.

I’m more than happy to supply a short, simple yet personal ceremony to legalise your union and love to write something that will fulfill the basic legal requirements yet still reflect you as a couple.

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