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Jane Gillespie
Sydney Funeral Celebrant

When someone close to you dies, it’s common to feel completely overwhelmed by grief. You may wonder how you are going to get through the next days, weeks or months. If you are the closest person, the first thing that you have to deal with is the funeral and it is often the last thing you want to do.

The funeral is a ritual – a way of saying goodbye – that can help those present learn about other aspects of the deceased person’s life that they may not have known. This then gives everyone a deeper understanding of who they were.

While it is always helpful if there has been an opportunity to discuss their wishes with the person before they died, that isn’t always possible, especially if death occurred unexpectedly.

If the family don’t want a religious ceremony they can engage a civil celebrant to help them. You can work with someone recommended by a funeral director or approach a celebrant directly.

A civil celebrant can help and guide you in the creation of a meaningful and authentic celebration of your loved one’s life.

Funerals are a way to share your grief with others and this can also be a celebration of his or her life, their contribution to their family and community, their achievements, their joys and their sorrows.

It is a privilege for me to be invited to get to know the departed person through listening to those who were closest to them and working with them to produce a service that accurately represents and honours their life.

I will meet with you to discuss your thoughts and can suggest ideas if you are struggling to know what you want for their ceremony or how to achieve this. I will guide you when choosing readings, poetry or a variety of rituals that can help you to feel truly connected as you say your farewells.

If you have a private funeral for the immediate family only but later want to hold a memorial or remembrance service for people who were friends, colleagues, fellow club members and/or business associates, I can assist you with this.

I am a grief & loss counsellor and have worked with cancer patients and their families as a support group facilitator since 1998. Over those years I have held many remembrance ceremonies for those members of our groups who have died.

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