While the legal vows you must say in your wedding ceremony are very short, there is nothing nicer than adding personal vows at this part of the ceremony, or when you exchange rings.

There are countless examples of personal vows to be found in books and on the Internet, but there is nothing quite so beautiful as using your own words.

However, some couples find it hard to think what to say in their personal vows. If that’s the case, my advice is to take some quiet time away from each other, have a notebook and pen and write each other a love letter.

Say all the things that you love about your soon-to-be spouse – don’t hold back! Take as long as you like, adding in more things as they occur to you. I recommend starting this at least a few weeks out from your ceremony. When you feel you’ve said everything you want to, you’re ready to start writing your vows.

Use what you’ve written in your love letters as the basis for what you want to say to your beloved on your wedding day.  It’s best to keep it to a maximum of a couple of minutes, otherwise you may lose your place or actually be overcome by the emotions that saying those wonderful words may bring up.

Happy writing!

JANE GILLESPIE ~ www.yoursydneycelebrant.com.au


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